Frederick Tappan

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States

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Dad of three awsome children, Arend Megz and Tyren. Going to be a Grandpa for the first time, and I'm excited about the new addition to our family. I've been working two jobs for over twenty five years. I'm humble, greatful, I can be cynical, I'm a lagger, my humor is dry and like to be alone sometimes.

It's ironic, I'm not more social, my plan has been to start an online business for about five years now and engaging people is a requirement for owning an online business. I'm ready to help people with their online business.

I'm honest, I need to give customers real solutions to real problems. I can't sell crap and make a profit. I usually buy high and sell low. I've bought most shiny objects online trying to learn how to be an internet marketer. I've learned quite a bit about internt marketing.

I've learned, I can sell most anything online thats the easy part, but the hard part is finding the right customers to buy, and the harder part is trying to compete with the authority websites online.

My latest effort online is, TapFam. TapFam is a social networking website for helping business connect and post information, blogs, forums, videos, pictures about their business websites. My hope is to become an authority website someday by working with you.

I can't wait for the the upcoming football season!

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