Brian Frederick

Musician, Social Media Manager, and Public Speaker in Greeley, Colorado

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University of Northern Colorado Marketing Student - Sales/Advertising enthusist that puts the 'vers' in diversity for Sales Marketing


★★★ 7 Days Without a A Pun Makes One Week Marketing ~ Student at UNCo ~ Musician and Sports Enthusiast ~Creatively Competitive ~ @B_Frederick22 ★★★

★Greetings everyone! Innovation and outside the box thinking are the traits I've worked hard acquire throughout my education here at the University of Northern Colorado. ★

*****My interests heavily involve marketing via content creation. As a senior I look for hands on experience to further my skills relating sales and marketing. Hands on experience is a privilege I never decline the opportunity for. ~~~~~~~~~

Greeley has given me the tools and resources to exercise my work ethic and gain experience. It has brought wonderful friends and business associates I am proud to know. I aim to be the responsible with the relationships I've been lucky enough to build. I actively look for constructive criticism and guidance and attempt to do so when fit. Marketing Major at The University of Northern Colorado.

Quick witted and a phenomenal public speaker. Career focus includes Sports Marketing through Advertising and Sales. Musician and Entrepreneur - Bus Campaign Spokesman for Greeley Public Schools - Using my public speaking skills and my eagerness for experience, I look forward utilizing my skill set and help grow.

  • Education
    • University of Northern Colorado