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The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) was founded in 1895. It is a voluntary, nongovernmental agency with much more than 13,000 accredited colleges, universities, secondary, middle and elementary schools. The Council on Accreditation and College Improvements (CASI) is a division of SACS and accredits pre-kindergarten, K-12 and vocational schools in 11 southern states, as well as a number of other nations.

In the spring of 2006, the Virginia schools signed an agreement with SACS CASI. Learn more on the affiliated web page - Click here: silver spring. Under this agreement, Virginia schools divisions will be encouraged to pursue accreditation with the Council. The agreement complements Virginia schools already rigorous accreditation standards and will build robust foundations for continued growth in studying and achievement within every college and every single college division.

Only Virginia schools divisions may possibly be accredited by SACS CASI. To high quality, all schools within a division also need to be totally accredited beneath the Commonwealths Standards of Finding out accountability program. Logo includes additional info about when to consider this view. This encourages and rewards the use of best practices at all levels of the school division.

Moreover, a joint steering committee will coordinate the:

Division accrediting approach,

Instruction and technical help,

Recognition for reaching accreditation, and

Will encourage all Virginia schools divisions to participate in the system.

Even though the system is voluntary for the college divisions, the Virginia schools views the agreement as an incentive for its schools to accelerate their present efforts to enhance instruction and increase scholastic achievement.

The SACS CASI accreditation method compares the Virginia schools policies, practices and situations with SACS CASIs requirements. Learn further about frederick county by browsing our compelling site. They appear at a number of distinct best practice places, such as governance, instruction, accountability, management, organizing and sustained improvement.

Accredited Virginia schools demonstrate their commitment to ideal practices, high quality instructi