Fredericks Reporting

Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin

Fredericks Reporting & Litigation Services, LLC is proud to be among the most established and revered court reporting companies in the nation and the state of Texas.

Over the years, Fredericks has positioned itself as an industry leader in providing attorneys throughout Texas with the technology and professionalism that is helping them succeed. This comes through a commitment to stay ahead of emerging industry trends while maintaining our steadfast commitment to providing our clients with the highest possible service.

Utilizing cutting edge technology to provide video services like video conferencing and depositions to help attorneys eliminate travel is important, but we can also produce professional quality legal videos like day-in-the-life videos and reenactments.

Once your case is ready, we can provide the organizational technology to arrange your exhibits into cohesive and compelling presentations for juries.

Fredericks is also the choice for visiting law firms as we can provide the types of litigation support that can help make travel productive. Our conference rooms are comfortable and equipped locations where legal professionals can take advantage of all of the technology and other professional services we can provide. Attorneys can schedule these services through the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), where they can conveniently schedule a deposition with us.

Our commitment to our clients can been our top priority through the years. New technology is giving us more ways to serve the legal community both in Texas and around the world. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your work.