Fredericksburg Food Cooperative

Food Co-ops sell food and related items to members and non-members, but rather than seeking to maximize profits, cooperatives make decisions to maximize service to their member-owners and the community.

Our vision is:

Products: To have the best selection of local, organic, natural and vegetarian foods.

Environment: To implement sustainable practices and to source from local producers whenever possible.

Community: To be a gathering place for people and ideas and to collaborate with community-based organizations.

Financial: To be financially strong by earning the broad support of our member-owners and the community.

By joining a cooperative, member-owners become part of something bigger -- an organization devoted to improving access to healthy foods, while enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Our food co-op is looking forward to opening a store in Fredericksburg once we have built our member base. Most food co-ops open a store after approximately 1000 households become members.