Frederico Fezas-Vital


My passion is to be a creator of New Possibilities. New Visions. New Solutions. Made of the Same Realities. The Same Things. The Same People. With Impact in Myself. Others. The World.

I am a Social Entrepreneurship. Finally I know what I am! A citizen who decided to do his dreams. And understood, by doing them, that, as Darth Vader so well put it - I Have The Power! May the Power be with you as well...

My mission is to substitute impossibles for possibles. Or at least dry trying to. By creating social change projects; by publicly and openly speaking from the heart with head; by trying to be coeherent and applying the Possibility Power on me; by really living my life rather than baring with survival...

I mentor. I am mentored. I share. I learn. I speak. I try to listen. I shout! I live passionately. I Am... Available for new cjhallenges as well... DARE TO DARE ME!

  • Work
    • CED (Chief Executive Dreamer) @ Terra dos Sonhos
  • Education
    • a lot
    • love it!