Frederik Prijck

Software Engineer, Architect, and Coach in Belgium

Since the 17th of June 1988, people like to give me the name: "Frederik Prijck". Son of Karina and Ronny, Brother of Liesbeth. Started playing football at the age of 4 and found the love for snowboarding while I was already 23.
Graduated 'Maths Science' in High School and 'New Media And Communication Technology' (Professional Software Development, focussed on .NET ) in college.

I have always been inspired and passioned about maths and science, numbers and weird formulas could keep me silent for hours. This maths-addiction helped me to get along with "programming", a bizar concept that was teached to myself at the age of 19. No clue what was happening, I was writting things I had no idea what it means.

Luckely, this lack of knowledge ended up in a great passion for everything that comes close to coding. I think programming is very related to maths, since I find myself struggling with lines of code just like I used to struggle with mathematic functions.

I can summarize myself and my interests in programming pretty easy: Hi, my name is Frederik and I am an addict.