Fred Goldblatt

A talented physician and musician, Fred Goldblatt has practiced medicine in both the American Midwest and Hawaiian Islands. Goldblatt has worked for the Department of Defense, in urgent care clinics, and in private practice. In his spare time, Fred Goldblatt has founded two successful bands that played in a variety of Hawaiian venues.

Fred Goldblatt earned his Doctor of Osteopathy from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, an Iowa medical school that has since changed its name to Des Moines University. He served as a rural doctor in Eastern Iowa, where he made house calls and served patients at all stages of life, from birth to old age. Later, Goldblatt moved to Hawaii, where he worked in an urban urgent care center in Waikiki. He made hotel calls for international tourists, celebrities, musicians, and persons associated with the NFL Pro Bowl. He also managed a thriving suburban medical practice.

As a physician with the Department of Defense, Fred Goldblatt trained combat medics, served as part of an emergency medical team, and served as the first Medical Director for the Federal Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service (FALSAS). His work at FALSAS helped create a template for emergency and disaster services across the country. Goldblatt also participated in important civilian missions for the Department of Defense. For instance, he provided support to the next-of-kin for the Japanese sailors who died in the Ehime Maru-USS Greeneville collision in 2001, when a U.S. naval submarine accidentally caused a Japanese fishing boat to sink.

As a musician, Fred Goldblatt earned local fame as an impersonator of rock legend John Lennon. Goldblatt founded the Beatles tribute band Rubber Soul, which strove for authenticity to enable a new generation to experience the Beatles in concert. Rubber Soul was the house band for the Waikiki Hyatt Regency and performed at hotels, resorts, and charity fundraisers throughout the Hawaiian Islands.