Fred Gomes

blogger in Brasília, Brasil

I am a Brazilian with a graduate degree in I.T. and also the creator of the Cada Centavo Conta Initiative, a bunch of blogs and sites that have the main goal to spread the word about side income jobs and personal finance.

Currently, I am an IT specialist with more than 10 years of experience mainly with network computers and network security. Also, I have a side gig helping people and small offices with tech problems. I fix computers, install software and all that kind of stuff.

My main blog,, has been running for more than 6 years helped a lot of people since then. From that experience, I also put into action other projects.

Besides being an I.T. person I still have time to pursue some passions:

- I am a private pilot with a reasonable understanding of aviation and technical details.

- I learned most of my English reading books and being a gamemaster of RPG (role playing games) which I have been playing for many years.

- I am an investor myself and taking care of my finances brought me an understanding of the financial world as well.

So if you think I can add value to your life just contact me by sending an e-mail or through my contact form in my blog.