Fred Gondzar

Small Business Owner and Musician in Rapid City, South Dakota

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After retiring from the U.S. Air Force in 1986, I managed a Christian radio station, played in local bands, and worked in music stores for several years.

Then I got the "entrepreneurial bug" and started looking for a company that I could trust for the long term, and really sink my teeth into.

Since July of 2007, I have been with such a company. My business grew so big, I had to set up my own LLC. I became the President/CEO of Healthy Wealth, LLC.

I partner with a 18 year old health and wellness company that uses the media (TV, radio, print, internet) to bring in paying customers that we can acquire. We then get to profit-share on everything those customers purchase, while the company continually "back end" markets to them for us. Due to this company's unique business model, I have over 80,000 customers, and a very nice full time income.

****The newest TV infomercial talks about a natural product that promotes muscle helps to increase strength and muscle mass, improves endurance and gives you a faster recovery time after working out.

It is a patented complex made from vegetable protein that contains the optimal balance of the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA). It was originally developed for NASA astronauts to help them retain / build muscle mass during extended space flights. $20 million has been spent in research on this product, which was funded by NASA and NIH, and has gone through 25 human clinical trials.

Everyone can benefit from improved muscle health, but the three main groups that will appreciate this product the most are: 1) bodybuilders, personal trainers, athletes, 2) baby boomers, senior citizens, 3) bedridden people, or people who are confined to a wheelchair.

If you are in one of the three categories above, this product will noticeably improve your muscle health...or your money back.

If you are an entrepreneur, and want to be in charge of your own financial future, this might also be a good company for you.

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Fred Gondzar


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