Fred Grott

Greater Chicago

When I was a child I ordered chip diagrams from the OEM and figured out what programmming commands to proram the coputer board and the computer. I am somewhat a computer languae polygot.

Right now I focus on mobile and specifically android. Tht includes instrumented testing with a mixutre of TDD and BDD along with some depnedency injection andat times aspect weaving.

I often times write my own tools and develop my own development processes and I contribute other tools and frameworks such as the Eclipse IDE, the Android OS project, etc.

I read code for a living both to extend, learn,etc thus you should understnad my request and requirement that if you suggest eiher I move for an opprotunity to setsidetime tohearan oppoortunity thatyou should meetme atmy local subway and buy me amealasI am not your typical copy paste moneky that you have been hiring by scaning resumes.

Puzzles attract me and salary plus benefits keep me focused. If there are not technical challenges and puzzles to solve than I doubt your opprtunity wil interest me. Itmight even helpin your first email to present those puzzles to me.

  • Education
    • Expert Hacker
    • CommonWelathBusCollege
    • Purdue University