Fred Huganir

An attorney with nearly 30 years of experience in various aspects of civil and criminal litigation, Fred Huganir currently operates his legal practice in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. With a diversified educational and professional background, Mr. Huganir began his undergraduate education at New England College, completing his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at The Pennsylvania State University. After graduating, Fred Huganir moved to the United Kingdom and commenced advanced studies in Criminology at Keele University, earning his Master's degree with Honours in 1976. Returning to the Pennsylvania at the end of this period, Mr. Huganir enrolled at the Dickinson School of Law, where he continued to build on his strong record of academic achievement. Elected to the school’s Corpus Juris Society, the recipient of an American Jurisprudence Award, and a frequent presence on the dean’s list, Fred Huganir received his J.D. from Dickinson in 1979 and subsequently launched a multifaceted career in law. After a year as counsel for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, Fred Huganir accepted a clerkship under Judge William Lipsitt of the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas in Harrisburg, where he performed scholarly research. From there, he began a five-year term as an Assistant Public Defender for Cumberland County, representing clients in trials as well as appellate practice in the Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth courts. At the same time, he began his broad legal practice, with additional positions as a Planned Charitable Giving Counselor for Harrisburg Academy and as solicitor and prosecutor for the Cumberland County's Domestic Relations Section in cases of child and spousal support. Today, Fred Huganir continues his general law practice in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.