Fred Jahns

educator and Librarian in Fort Worth, Texas

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What I am is not yet what I want to be. I search for truth in my work, in life with my beautiful wife, Irasema, and for my soul in church, prayer, and bible study. I am blessed by God with all things and in Him I seek to find my identity.

Search for fr3dt3ch and you will find me... muddled up in a multitude of web 2/3/4.0, in and out of it... signed up for more than I can even remember, trying to figure out what's really going to work, what's going to last.

There are days I think I'd like to go off the grid, live in a cabin and read all day. Although I might need Internet access for my nook.

  • Work
    • Fort Worth ISD
  • Education
    • North Carolina Central University
    • University of Texas at Arlington