David Turner

Dallas, Texas

Let's See. it's been a wild ride. i'm more of a gentlemen then I should be, women take that as weakness. when they find I say what I mean and do what I say , They tend to back off. My Wife of 27 yr's passed about 3 yr's ago . and All the Love I have is bottled up ready to give to a special someone .

I believe in true love , and the only way to achieve it is to give all..

I rode Bulls as a young man . it' was the best High I have ever Had.

most of my life I worked Constrution, remodel homes. or worked on the building of new homes .

Now I'm Driving a truck, ( Simi ). see some beautiful places. and thing's . been from coast to coast , From the border to border .

Me , I have been run over and got back up, been up and knocked down,

getting to the age where all I want is to settle Down with a warm women and have a great time just being with Her,

I I think of something else to add to this I will. or if there is something you want to know. Just ask. no question is a Dumb question.

  • Work
    • Self Employed and Loving It!
  • Education
    • School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life
    • The George Washington University