Fredrik Jönsson

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I am happy to welcome you on my profile page. My name is Fredrik (Frederick) i'm a half Swedish/half German and i'm currently living in sweden. I love food, design, comics, craft, movies, music, internet privacy and etc.

I'm a kid from the 80's who watched alot of tv and movies growing up. I love riding my bike at night time, listening to horror audiobooks while working and drinking endless cups of tea to keep me focused during the day. I love working with people who have a sense of humour and passion for what they do.

I sometimes sings in the shower (its my secret dream to one day sing in a band), I'm a terrible dancer, I love to play video games until 1am, I laugh a lot and it's my firm belief that all the best ideas (games, movies, music, anything) came from the creative minds of the 80's. Are you adding me to your circles, then great. If you want me to circle you back, you better have something to share and If i find your profile empty or not one single post, well not going to happen. If you don't like what I write, please, uncircle me or even better tell me what I did wrong. I like argumentation.

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