Fred Pacífico

Photographer, Editor, and Artist in Essen, Germany

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Born in 1979, I grew up in Vitória (Brazil). I lived the past 15 years in Rio de Janeiro and just moved to Essen, Germany (NRW).
I currently work as a freelance photographer.
My work is mainly in documentary photography, photojournalism, corporate photography and portrait.
I'm part of the Board Director for Agência Porã - a Brazilian Agency specialized in documentary photography, where a big part of my work is represented by. I act also as curator for others photographer's works for exhibitions and publications.
Another of my activities is to work as a producer to other photographers and journalists crew. Helping them with scheduling, research, interviews, translation, film shooting or/and as a backup photographer.
Masters Degreed in Cultural Goods and Social Projects. Graduated in Photojournalism and specialized in Photography for Social Science and Visual Anthropology.