Fred Pullin

Manage Accounts in Berlin, Germany

Fred Pullin

Manage Accounts in Berlin, Germany

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I've spent the past 5 years helping small SaaS startups go from no millions to many millions.

I've done this by leading Enterprise sales in small teams and by helping the creation of sales organisations when there are none.

This is more or less what I do at Contentful, and so far it's a thrilling adventure.

Prior to Berlin, I was at Vanilla Forums. There, we quintupled in two years. I was the first non-technical hire responsible for all new revenue, and later in Enterprise sales only.

I was active in the Montreal startup community too.

I have a degree in Political Science, with a focus in international relations.

Lastly, I was born an expat in Guatemala, I lived as an expat in Los Angeles pretty much my whole life and now I live in Berlin the city of expats.

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    • Political Science
    • Concordia University
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