Fred Raimondi

Filmmaker, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Compositor in California

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I've been creating images and music from the moment I could pick up a camera and a guitar.

I've done hundreds of commercials and THOUSANDS of Visual Effects shots in my career. I've done projects from "end to end" through my own company, "The Ministry of Illusion" and led large teams on very complex Visual Effects driven Commercials and Music videos.

Professionally, I'm very "plastic".

I pride myself on being able to fit into projects in a variety of capacities. Since I've done so many projects from "end to end" the workflow and process of filmmaking is coded into my professional DNA.

Starting out in NY as an editor and then venturing to Los Angeles, I worked at The Post Group in Hollywood where I "made my bones". After that, along with Maury Rosenfeld, I started Planet Blue.

From there I was hired at creative hotbed Digital Domain. I was employee #13. Unlucky for some, but lucky for me.

At Digital Domain I was a Compositor, then Visual Effects Supervisor, Creative Director, and then Commercial Director in my 15 year tenure there.

I've been lucky enough to partner with some of the greatest directors on the planet including, David Lynch, Michael Bay, David Fincher, Mark Pellington, Gus Van Sant, Lance Acord, and Alex Proyas.

My work has garnered Gold and Silver Cannes Lions, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Clios, an MTV Video Music Award (as well as 4 nominations), a Grammy, and nine of my spots received AICP awards and are included in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NY in “The Art and Science of the American Television Commercial”.

Collaborating is the "juice" for me. I'm a really social animal and feel that many brains yield a better result than one.

I'm available for Directing, Visual Effects Supervision, and Compositing.

If you have a project, call me. I'm a problem solver

There's nothing better than meeting someone for coffee and hashing out a project.

It will be the most entertaining half hour of your day.

I promise.

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