Fredrick Giles


Wow I have no words to explain how blessed I am. I have a beautiful, strong, loving wife who cares for me deeply. She is an awesome mother, friend and I am blessed to be her husband. We have been given a beautiful daughter by God whom we love dearly. In my opinion and according to the Word of God, family is the first ministry. How can a man lead God’s Church if he can’t even lead his home. I am honored to serve my home first! Family is who I am first...


I love preaching the Gospel I approach every opportunity to share the Word of God with great humility. I love seeing people come to Christ! Not only do I love preaching the Gospel, but I love giving an inspirational and motivation lecture and watching students, adults, etc: become motivated. I also approach those opportunities with great humility.


I am currently studying at Full Sail University for my Bachelor's of Science in Graphic Design as an online student. I enjoy every moment of designing. It's more than work for me, it's an art in which I get to express myself.