Fredrick Jaber

Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently am working as a New Media Editor with CCTV Africa. Having a background of web design coupled with my past experiences I mannaged to set up a blog for CCTV Africa where news, stories and features are being posted. Besides this great achievement I am also part of the New Media editorial team. I also develop online content for the company and most of them has always been of great engagement.

Besides my current work, I am an IT specialist in distributed systems, including good knowlede of networking database administration and web content development.

I have worked as a systems administrator in two companies (Institute of Trade Developement for 6 months and PanAfrican Institute of Management & Governance for 1 year). Part of the greatest achievements in these two companies was to setup an online registration for the clients to the upcoming training. In addition, I managed to streamline the network operations inclusive of mail server setup and overall administration task in IT.

I have aso worked with Ltd, one of the leading ISPs in Kenya as a network administrator. I gained a hands-on experience on networking, client support and system administration.

I have good knowedge in the fowing areas:

To my relationship: Am a married man having a hapy family

  • Work
    • 3 years experience
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, Information Technoogy