Dr. Fredrick Taylor

Physician in Kabul, Afghanistan

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Dr. Fredrick Taylor ( born 15 December 1957) is a United Nations Doctor, who work with the UNITED NATION. He is from Australia, he lived in Colorado Spring, Colorado and London UK respectively. He is Working with the United Nations as a Voluntary Doctor currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Dr. Fredrick Taylor is a graduate of Marquette University and Des Moines University. He earned a master’s degree in bioethics from Midwestern University. He is a retired family physician. He is a parishioner at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral, an officer in the Catholic Physician’s Guild, and a member of the Knights of Columbus..

On Monday, May 11, 2014, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had nominated Dr. Fredrick Taylor among the ten candidates that was awarded the contract of the supply of Boxxen HQ chemical.


The contract is all about supply of BOXXEN HQ chemical, This product BHQ- chemical is a natural resources gotten from the soil mixed with Depleted Uranium ( DU-38 ) after undergoing refine process it becomes BHQ being chemical used for the cleaning and maintenance of Oil and Gas pipeline, Rigs, Aircraft, and Heavy Duties respectively. This Chemical BHQ- is a very secret product and very indispensable for the International Government unknown to people due to its highly inflammatory nature. It is sold by World Registered and Certified Chemical Dealers by the United Nations that are allowed and given the prerogative and are licensed to selling and dealing on the said product due to its indispensable nature. Anyone who got the privilege of this contract has been handed the opportunity of turning their life around for good..

Dr. Fredrick Taylor, however is working towards making good profit from this contract, but has to combine both helping war victims and business at the same time.

Brave and passionate is what his colleagues calls him.