Fredrik Beckman

entrepreneur, CEO, and Visionary in Sverige

Fredrik Beckman

entrepreneur, CEO, and Visionary in Sverige

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We live in a mobile world where persons, companies, things communicate over the Internet. Information should be at our fingertips outside firewalls, anywhere, anytime. We are talking mobile first and Internet of things. And we are talking apps, apps, apps.

We now access company sensitive information over public networks, we use mobile phones to make bank transactions and we are connecting all types of devices, cars, machines, your home.

So what is more important than to secure that communication? I ask you, When do you NOT need secure communication with your mobile devices?

My company has the solution!

But who am I then? Am I only a company?

I am a visionary entrepreneur that get energized by new challenges!

My profile:

Visionary leader

Tech Product Management

Tech Business Management

XaaS, mobility, Internet, IoT, Security

Tech Marketing; B2B, online, social, inbound, Marcom and very much in-the-field

Over the years, I've gathered a lot of experience in many areas of running all aspects of businesses, starting from product development, project management, customer management, sales, strategic marketing, hands-on marketing, international sales & marketing and starting high-tech companies. My age and track record speaks of seniority but still having that curiosity that puts me in the front line of technology and market changes.

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