Fred Schultz

Los Angeles, CA

Mixing and recording sound has for decades been my way to belong inside the circle where artists make magic happen, and where the luckiest among us are paid to catch its lightning and thunder in our bottles.

Currently I'm a production sound mixer for film, television and now the web, with an Emmy and credits on shows that became cultural touchstones (some deservedly and others by surprise).

In the beginning I mixed rock concerts, then rounded out my commitment to live music by mixing and touring with Johnny Cash for a year. My first film job was on Robert Altman's Nashville (Google it to find just how lucky I was). In the mid-'90s I was lured into a tech startup that dropped me in the nuclear center of developing digital file-based video and audio recorders and workflows. But satisfaction from building gear withered and with a few life-lessons learned I jumped back into film production in 2010, and have been happy every day since.

  • Education
    • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, physiological & experimental psychology
    • -- the last grand achievement of my youth --