Fred Sexton

Current gigs:

Fred Sexton, AKA: The Big Cheese has been a prolific designer of creative and cutting-edge websites and internet marketing campaigns for many years. With this talent and burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, Fred opened Steinbeck-inspired "Mouse and Man" an online marketing company in 2003-(although he has admittedly been caught in the web forever). Boasting innovative, stylish design and out of this world execution, Fred is committed to translating a client's vision into a final product that is smart, effective, demanding of attention and, most importantly, fulfilling the client's ultimate goals. Fred has helped businesses successfully promote an extensive array of products and services to strategically targeted markets around the world using the internet.

Fred's passion for visual interpretation emanates from an appreciation of composition and form. As a photo-realistic painter he tries to capture the meaning of each subject, focusing on the ways art can impact, inspire and incent change-no Bob Ross style "puffy little clouds!" Fred is currently mastering the subtleties and joy in child portraits, acknowledging his muse: his 3.5 year old daughter Ellie, for opening this artistic medium.

When Fred is not pursuing artistic and e-marketing excellence, he is a competitive amateur cyclist, with an average of 150 miles logged per week. Fred believes cycling is a healthy and fulfilling way to get around, and devotes about 8 hours a week to this alternate mode of transportation/exercise. Having biked across the state of North Carolina, Fred sheepishly admits a wish for more people to honk at him - (he later explained he is being sarcastic and that they drive him off the road, but we know he secretly just wants them to admire him in his stylish, tight fitting spandex).