Fred Staff

Fred Staff was born in Seminole and raised in Pawnee, Oklahoma. He is a graduate of University of Central Oklahoma and spent many years as a history teacher. His love of history and the "Old West"has inspired him to bring the stories of brave men and women who were intrical parts of the development of the state of Oklahoma. Staff stated in a recent national radio interview that his main reason for writing was to bring little know characters and events to the attention of the public. His approach has been well received, as his first book ROCHA'S TREASURE OF POTOSI was a best seller. He followed that with YOUNG BASS REEVES, BASS REEVES LAWMAN and JUDGE PARKER AND BASS REEVES. This highly acclaimed trilogy of the life of the first Black US Marshal west of the Mississippi is destined to be the basis of a long planed movie of the life and astounding adventures of a character who is now the center of attraction in four cities.