Frederic Wolff

Marketing Communication, Creativity, and Insights in Paris, France

I believe technology, innovation & an acute observation of people’s sweet spots, can leverage the power of creativity to create meaningful relationships in between customers and brands.

My comprehensive Senior Executive end–to-end marketing experience, on both Client and Agency sides - encompassing Strategy, Brand Management, MarComs and Integrated teams management, at local and global level - gives me a unique perspective to:

- Create experiences rooted in people’s culture, in order to impact on both Brand image and business growth,

- Successfully develop fully integrated marketing communications strategies and programs that delivers customer impact and ROI

- Easily operate with and lead teams in international multicultural environment,

- Bridge gaps in between business & creative partners.

I’ve worked with consumer brands, at both local and international level, in a wide range of industries including: Renault, Volvo, GM Opel, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, French Tourist Board, Pentax, Best Western Premier, Pfizer, Britvic/Teisseire, McCormick/Ducros-Vahiné, DBApparel/Wonderbra-Playtex, P&G, Gillette, Lacoste, Rochas, Escada, D&G, Ubisoft and LEGO.


Open - Smart - Firm - Fair

Brand Management.

International brand & marketing communication management.

Leadership - management of multicultural teams.

Team management and resources optimisation.

Multicultural - geographically mobile and fluent in English.