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“Open Water 2: Adrift”illustrate the fate of some teenagers who apparently even want to spend unforgettable moments together does not let anyone take their out the plans and what was supposed to be an adventure that does not forget gradually turns into a nightmare proportions.

All it started from the desire for those friends to spend time just to have fun and have rented a luxury yacht on which to do whatever they want and keep partying here until they decide and it seems that at first everything went according to plan.

Experienced everything have proposed, they sang, they had fun, new friends and new relationships lasting but it seems that when they wanted to know the pleased to find the sea swim was shown to be enemy number one.

Their nightmare began from the moment they completely forgot that before soar in broad scale forgot to let in water and this mistake cost them completely because they have not had as return on board and their struggle for survival begins.

Only one can be considered lucky to soar in waters not far from the sea shore is Amy who has a baby in her name Sara but discovers with astonishment that this does not mean streak has her hand and it seems that now is the great misfortune for her even now is safely on board.

She must overcome her phobia that one has in terms of water when it knows if she wants to save her baby from the jaws of the great swirling that attack hard and makes no exception and in all this we add the underwater creatures.

With torrents movies free download see how long it takes a friendship because when they are in trouble all trying desperately to save themselves and no longer interested in anything and nothing else and all others turn against this occasion and in an instant friendship is replaced with hatred.