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Destiny is never the one you do but it is predestined who you and if some have a better fate rest in the category of those who can not lead a quiet life in any view and when you’re by yourself easily endure the misfortunes and not when the whole family is hard pressed download mystery movies for torrents free.

“Lost River” follows the fate of an entire family cursed like to take part in a life full of trouble which they are held chain that leave no sign to him too soon and because of this they extend up in there that want to take their lives.

Money was, is and will be a constant problem and one of the main causes that happens only evil and considering that not so easily win you can not keep up with nothing and each area will influence not only the professional.

Billy family problems began when the mother could not keep up with mortgage payments to the bank to pay for the house and the home that was supposed to turn into a dream for all and to unite it turns a nightmare proportions that divides more.

If there is a problem obviously there must be a culprit for all these problems and quickly finds his mother just in person whom they reproached for not creditors must provide that loan that easy in the first phase but realize they are not alone in this impasse.

When witnesses to the fact that the houses are demolished neighbors know that all is lost and the mother engages in a burlesque show that will bring the last stage of human decay because it provides self-mutilation scene.

Nor her son has a better fate unfortunately because Bones appears to no longer interested in anything that happens in the harsh reality in which spin and that is why he take refuge in the ruins of a city where all experiences.

Withfree torrents downloadfound that Lost River that this seems not to be any chance for anyone especially if we consider the cultural past according to which the community was built on a flooded area in the past to facilitate the construction of a dam.