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It is simply too difficult to make both ends meet, when lots of people in the U.S. experience economic difficulties due to joblessness along with the constant escalation in costs of goods. Being able to have free calls is unquestionably a huge help especially for those who do not want to incur that much price. The great news is the fact that the federal government really provides thousands of mobile phones free of charge. Along with free mobile phones, free mobile phone minutes are also given by the government.

Is It Really Legitimate?

Whether you believe it or not, this is not a scam. It isn't a gimmick and this free service can be definitely availed by you. If you say free, it is simply 100 % free which merely means that you just really get to save some cash. Instead of investing in your monthly bills that can be extremely costly, now you can avail this free service from the government. You may also get more details about Free Government Cell Phones in

For sure, you've come across various websites saying these programs as scams. But, the truth of the matter is because there are millions of Americans who are exceptionally satisfied with the support.

Programs Funded by the Federal Government

It is crucial that you know different programs financed by the government, to have any of the free cell phones. The federal government currently finances Link-up Programs and the Lifeline Support. These programs determine the applications who are competent to avail free phone minutes and the free cell phones. Before, only home landlines could avail the programs. Now, however, even mobile phone carriers can provide this service to clients.

The program is also known as the Obama telephone plan. Unlike what some individuals might believe, these free mobile phone programs have been providing services to individuals. The free government cell phone service is offered in 40 states across america.

What to Expect

Before you avail the service, you have to undergo a procedure. When you are qualified for the program, cell phone carriers will then provide you a free modern cell phone. Some might ask if you'll be provided with the latest smartphone.