Free Conference

Ready to take charge of your own conferencing service.

Think of any four digit code.

Dial into ourFREEconference service.No need to set it up or make a reservation..Just call and talk for up to two hours with your business partners, friends, family, etc. People from all over the world call into our network.

Conference number is: 1-(504) 533-4530 (enter your own 4 digit code)

Reservationless Standard is a free telephone conferencing service that can be used instantly and securely without the assistance of an operator. To get a reservation-less number, sign up and receive a dedicated dial-in number and access code. You do not have to provide us with any information regarding your conference, including the date and time, estimated number of Participants, Dial-in Number, Participant Access Code, etc. Everyone who calls the same Dial-in Number and enters the same Participant Access Code at the same time will be connected together. Free Conference can hold a maximum of 50 Callers. Conference Controls press 1 to mute/unmute yourself. press 8 for conference caller count.