Free Solar

If you are looking to cut back on paying your electricity bills, then look no further.

My Free Solar panels were installed by Amerden Environmental, I found them to be experienced in providing Free Solar and offering the chance to Purchase Solar.

Amerden Environmental are now please to announce that Free Solar panels are now available for domestic properties.

They working in unison with industry leading installation partners, Amerden Environmental are able to offer Home Owners and Tenants the opportunity to install Free Solar and reduce bills.

Taking advantage of the benefits Solar PV offers for your home is as simple as saying yes! I did, now my bill has more than halved. They also offer three funding options to all UK homeowners allowing any homeowner with a south, west or east facing roof the opportunity to take advantage of free solar powered energy.

Installing solar PV will:

· Significantly reduce electricity bills

· Receive an income from feed in tariff and export tariff payments (not available with Free Solar)

· Improve the energy efficiency of your home

· Add value to your property

· Offer protection for your roof increasing its life

· Reduce your properties carbon footprint

What is The Catch?

Initially you may be thinking, this is too good to be true, how can you install Free Solar panels on my property? There must be a catch!!!

There is NO Catch!

Amerden Environmental have the opportunity to install Free Solar panels on south, west or east facing roofs throughout the UK, aiding householders to benefit from Free Electricity For Life.

Under the Domestic Free SolarPV scheme, the solar panels and installation costs are paid for by their funding providers. The homeowner get to benefit from the Free Solar electricity and their funding partners claim the FIT ( Feed In Tariff ) payments from OFGEM.

What Are The Benefits

NO cost

No investment is required with Amerden Environmental for Free Solar PV domestic systems.

When you install a Free solar panel system from Amerden Environmental for your home you do not have to commit to any expenditure. Once the solar panels are installed, they start generating free electricity immediately, allowing you to start saving on your electricity bills straight away.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By simply switching to solar energy as opposed to standard electricity which has been produced by burning fossil fuels, your Free Solar panels can prevent an estimated one tonne of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere every year.

Free maintenance