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FREEDOM STEEL How to become a modeler?

The modeler is the person who creates and develops the molds. freedom steel inc twitter From a plan of the finished product, it must determine the tools to achieve to create a mold for the production of single piece or for mass production. Here is the training required to become a modeler:

After college, you must refer you for two years alternately to a CAP mechanical modeling. You will be trained in the basics of art, such as the study plan and industrial design. You will learn how a mold and the study and the realization thereof. freedom steel inc twitter You can apply your theoretical knowledge during your week in business.
After the CAP, you must continue your education with a BEP implementation materials. For two years or alternately either full-time, you will be trained to create foundry mold or to the unit or to the mass. freedom steel inc twitter You will learn to identify different materials and molding techniques to perform within the constraints of the part to be molded.
Once you complete training, you can find a job very quickly in the business of industrial foundry. freedom steel inc twitter It only remains for you to see jobs seeking a beginner and send your spontaneous in companies working in this sector applications modeler.

How to become a turner?

The factory mass production of mechanical parts cylindrical base turner. From a bar of raw material, it performs the pieces one after the other to ensure high productivity. Voci training how to become a turner:

After college, you have to refer you to a CAP turning. freedom steel inc twitter This training takes place two years alternating between the training center and the company. During these two years you will be trained in basic trade of turner: machine settings Topping, choice of materials, the implementation of large machining series. You can practice what you have learned during your week in business.
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