Freedom Village USA

Troubled teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 and 21 are invited to find God-centered direction and healing at Freedom Village USA, a 150-acre residency located in western New York. In addition to providing academic, vocational, and religious training for young people who have lost hope, Freedom Village USA offers many opportunities for extracurricular activities and outreach. The horse program at Freedom Village USA gives students the opportunity to develop valuable equestrian skills, including animal care and horse training. Proficient students can then enjoy trail riding and other related activities. Sailing, snowboarding, singing groups, and a competitive athletics program mean there is always a chance for residents to participate in wholesome activities. Freedom Village USA also provides the community with a range of outreach programs, including Operation: Matthew 25, which delivers food to needy families, and Victory Today radio show. Victory Today radio show spreads the gospel to American and Canadian residents. Broadcast from the Freedom Village USA headquarters in New York, Victory Today can be heard in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and other New York locations, and in such Canadian towns as Iroquois Falls, Charlottetown, and Halifax. Freedom Village USA founder Pastor Fletcher Brothers hosts the show, speaking on topics such as “Things change Jesus does not” and God’s grace is waiting for you.” Interested listeners who miss the radio platform can download streaming Victory Today radio shows by visiting the Freedom Village USA web page at The Freedom Village USA web page also offers information about special events, making donations, and how to be saved.