Jack Carney

Life Coach, Consultant, and Teacher in Auckland, New Zealand

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“My trade and my art is living. Our great and glorious masterpiece is to live appropriately.” Montaigne


“The Heartland” painting with “Have Mind Will Travel” expresses my intention as an Anarchist (etymology: "no ruler") to establish or join a “Eutopia” (Good Place) of “Free Friends” – a Cohousing Community where persons practice 4 Fundamental Virtues: 1.No Initiated Physical Force 2.Private Property 3.Free Trade 4.Contract Agreement

I am a Mature Adult who has grown up and “SOURCED” myself—that is, I practice Self-Actualization—in order to be a “RESOURCE” for others who might wish to do the same. I have become Responsible for my Freedom evolving From the Love of Wisdom To the Wisdom of Love.

Human Services I can provide to the Community of Care:

Startup & Supervise a “genuine” Montessori Pre-school (member of the International Montessori Council & The Montessori Foundation).

Startup & Supervise a Libertarian Community/Home School for all ages based on my digital library of 5,000+ books, videos & links to Liberty Classroom (Tom Woods), FEE, and Mises Institute.

Coach Couples/Singles to learn Pairing For LIfe: The Art of Loving to create & maintain Permanent Partnerships as the highest Human Achievement.



Parent Effectiveness Training certified instructor:



MOUNT MASLOW MENTORS to help 65+ practice Aging as the achievement of Mature Adulthood & Self-Actualization.


To launch a Social Enterprise Service as LOSS LINKS: a free Worldwide Call-in Service (chat,speak, or view) available 24/7/365 in multiple languages via an application, for persons who feel isolated, lonely and without anyone to care for them. Callers talk intimately—and anonymously if desired—with volunteer Mentor-Listeners:


Practical Householder Services provided: Manage households including cooking; Libertarian Tutor to 6+; Architect-Builder; Handyman, Painter-Carpenter.

Cell in Auckland 64 22 409 4035

You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be and allow others to do the same.

  • Work
    • Pairing Today; Loss Links
  • Education
    • Queensland University of Technology