FreeFlow Meditations:

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

It is all about "Mobile Application for Guided Meditations” for all Devices - with beautiful Design, powerful extra composed Healing Music guided by soothing and loving Voice Recording". I am sure you will love it.

This is a small start-up with a big heart and a big mission: bring love, reduce stress and increase calm in an increasingly stressed-out world and attract what you love in your life.

The 40+ meditations featured in this App will assist you through many of the challenges that commonly arise on the human journey—from soothing a headache, falling asleep more easily, or finding peace in times of emotional turmoil, to healing your love relationships, freeing yourself from addictions, or simply relaxing your mind and body after a stressful day.

For those seeking a more in-depth meditation experience,
the FreeFlow Meditations App also offers a series of meditations with a more spiritual focus.

Whether you’d like to balance your chakras, practice Yoga Nidra, dive into the fascinating realms of your subconscious, or deepen your connection to the divine, here is the perfect meditation for you!

As a bonus, every meditation comes with a set of messages to guide and inspire you on your personal journey. Also, you will love the beautifully composed background melodies which have been specifically created to enhance the healing effects of each meditation.

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