Hi my name is Gaby. I am a very free spirited girl. I love to do gymnastics. I also have a lot of hobby like drawing,singing and spending time with my family and dogs. I enjoy to swim, play basketball and to ride horses. I have a lot of good qualities but sometimes you can get on my bad side. A lot of people have never seen my other side but some have. I often don't show my real self because I am afraid of what people may think but the people in my life that love me get to see that other part me a lot more than my normal friends. I love meeting new people and going new places. I really love having a lot of friends since I hate being alone. I would love people to know me and I would love to meet people to that are very high spirited and won't ask a lot of question about my old life but about my new part. I am starting a new phase in life now that I have reached a certain age. To be honest I am loving it, I see myself so much happy and I finally feel free. That is why my nickname can be FreeGirl.