Freehold Sale

Realtor in England, United Kingdom

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Freehold Sale is a UK-based property investment company specialising in the purchase of freehold ground rents throughout the UK.

The business owners and their staff have successful track records in the property industry spanning over the last 25 years. Upon receiving each new enquiry our consultants are quick to contact the seller to discuss the investment opportunity. We provide a thorough and informative service which helps the seller to understand the entire selling process.

Our consultants are well equipped to discuss the value of freeholds, offer general advice and to discuss your rights and responsibilities when selling a freehold. We are a cash-rich company and large portfolio holders.

We also offer additional services for sellers such as the preparation and service of notices enabling you to sell. We are able to offer tailored solutions to suit a variety of circumstances and we aim to complete each transaction with two weeks of receiving a contract from the sellers solicitor.