F.F. Joustra MSc

European based global citizen

F.F. Joustra MSc

European based global citizen

When people meet me, informally, for the first time and hear my life's story, or pieces of it, they want to know what a person with these kind of experiences does for a living.

If I tell that I’m in Facility and Real Estate Management they can’t believe it, because these are rigid corporate environments and the thought I was an artist of some sorts.

Life is an art by itself! If something is ugly, I change it or pass by it.

Living life to the fullest and accepting the challenges presented to me without hesitation.
Just be what you want to be!

“If you want to be a knight, act like a knight” - Don Quixote-

Standing for something with the utmost form of passion is the definition that I apply to my work and everything else that I do.

Never do because someone told you to do it that way.

Finding new ways is my trade, but the most important part is that I can convince other people/parties to see the these new ways.

I create and pave roads, but never walk on them because I’m paving you a new one while you walk on mine.

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