Brando Olynyk

Winnipeg, MB

Brando at the age of 18 born Jan, 31 , 1995

Has created a online consulting/freelance company allowing individuals a chance from all backgrounds to turn there knowledge into online opportunities. It all started with the idea of unemployment rates sky rocketing and how it was getting harder and harder for people to get a job.

Brando has created the ultimate microjob playground for its people that use it, with amazing services it has to offer and consistant updates that happen to keep users happy he is by far making a great imprestion on his competitors. Unlike very well know freelance sites Brando offers his users competitive rates that no one can resist, Brando's services on the site have been known to now be the lowest online service charge that any freelance site has to offer making his users more money. Most sites take away 25% and more off each sale you make on there freelance site mean while Brando doesnt see the point in that why take such a large amount of money from a person its just not fair thats why Brando takes up to 18% and as little as 5% for those bigger sales you make.

Simply amazing what a young 18 year old has created, his freelance site is free no hidden fee's or monthly payments youhave to make to use the site, Brando believe's if your gunna run a freelance site company make sure it's fair and it provides both buyers and sellers with amazing services that'll keep them coming!

Just check out this amazing site and its opportuntities.. he has big things coming so keep a look out !

  • Work
    • President & Founder
  • Education
    • highschool, University of Manitoba