Julian Freeman

Hook, Hampshire

Are you really living your life? I mean in the way that feels most natural to you? Thats what its all about for me nowadays..come join me and remember whats so great about you!

Educated in the UK, Julian went through a successful engineering apprenticeship to a career in corporate life rising quickly to a Director of an International Company. Phase two involved striking out to start his own business. One of Tony Blairs Entrepreneurs, although he didn't realise it at the time, he's started three business and confidently expects that he'll have retired for the fifth time when he's finally done.

During the course of all this he married and raised two wonderful children, but life changed forever after caring for his Mum through her fight against cancer. Life Beyond Money charts his adventures since that change. Its purpose is to help people remember themselves and back the person that really are to live their own lives..their Best Lives