Mega Free Chatlines

We are designers of audio conferencing systems that allow callers from all over the World to dial in and talk to other people of all backgrounds. These systems have public bulletin boards, voice mail personals, live one on one chat, public and private group chat and much more. We have also built an Adult Entertainment service that allows for these features and more including streaming porn channels, live phone sex shows in group or private and merchandising.

We have many opportunities available to make money within our network of Nationwide Free Chatlines and Adult Entertainment Systems.

1. Phone Sex Operator (PSO) type position where you are scheduled for 4 hours per night/day 5 days a week. You will manage your own "conference room" in which a group of live callers will make requests. You fulfill these "audio" type requests with your own style of entertainment. During the time you are online you will be required to promote yourself or have an assistant/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband to promote you with various methods including internet, phone chat lines, print advertising, etc. While you are offline it is in your best interest to setup your own advertising as well. We will provide you with a unique website where you may post your schedule, photos, etc. Money made from all the callers into your "unique" Dial in Phone number will be credited to you by 90 days ( varies due to phone company collection methods) or so after billing cycle ends. Any merchandising you do while on our service will be handled directly by you and no compensation will be required by us. This is just an added benefit of being on our system.

2. Independent Advertiser (IA). Each IA will receive a unique dial-in telephone number (DID) that will allow our company and IA to track their marketing efforts. This DID will forward to a main chat system in one of many categories (main, gay, hip hop, latin, adult entertainment) This shared system is beneficial to keeping callers on line longer. Longer calls means more money in your pocket for your advertising efforts. Each IA must submit a verbal or written marketing plan weekly letting us know how they are spending 4 hours per day, 5 days a week promoting their DID. IF at anytime during our business relationship you drop below 100k minutes per month, you will have 60 days to recover or your DID may be retracted and contract canceled.

3. Independent Owner. ($12,995 + $500 per month licensing and service p