Free Maps & Postcards

Free Maps & Postcards

We make creatives and advertising postcards printing and distributing them in an exclusive circuit over 9999 points of Makati, Fort, MetroManila.

The postcards are placed in an exhibitor and are taken for free, getting to the hands of a qualified contact because it is the same customer who chooses it for pleasure and design according to the advertising of your products or services the saw, when they normally rotated as every postcard , will have on the back all the data of your shop, and space for people to write their own postcard message.

They are used as a nonconventional advertising messages noninvasive, multiplying the qualified contact because in the moment they take them as a souvenir postcard they will show it at less 4 contact more acting as a promoter when the postcard is preserved, given away, exhibited, or is sent to another contact with the same affinity.

Exhibitors of postcards are distributed in a relaxed atmosphere, to be attracted to your potential clients generating a surprise impact and people usually shared with friends, the public have the opportunity also to know what happens in the city, because theres postcard about cinema movies, theater events, festivals, convention, shows, etc... The exhibitor became an often consultative place.

Postcards can be customized periodically, because depending on the previously results, you can make new changes on the design, as more creative, shocking is the message of the postcard, more longer the user will remember the image.

Just as every postcards, also it will be exhibiting city maps with a reference point to your shop addres if you prefert, with an artistic photo attached, your address, hours open close, website, email, (price promotion).

As anecdotal data note that in recent years, the importance of unconventional direct marketing world grew compared to traditional advertising or massive.

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