Free Scholar

Michele Metts (FreeScholar) has been a involved with Drupal since 2006. Her previous experience includes creation and development of diverse online communities, small and large websites. Michele has also managed many diverse teams of programmers to create custom applications specifically for community use.

As a Drupal hacker and Industry Organizer, Michele uses her expertise and knowledge to guide clients towards free software initiatives. Michele's entrepreneurship has included the creation of Cyber Weddings and Friend Finder as early as 1996. Her websites have been featured on the Arts and Entertainment channel, NTV (Nippon Television Network), Local Boston news and CCTV.

As a pioneer, working with VoipDrupal technology, she has created and presents VoipDrupal webinars. Little known facts: Formerly a punk rock bassist and guitarist, a welder and a silversmith, a formula racing pit crew member, and a creator of some radically modified late 1960's VW beetles. Michele travels to events as a public speaker presenting on topics ranging from Community building, Industry Organizing and Cooperative Development, to some interesting modules and things you can do with Drupal.