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Amerden Environmental & REI Launch ‘The Free Solar For Schools Project’ – Solar PV for School Rooftops.
Schools currently pay £500 MILLION for energy bills each year!

This is why the Amerden Environmental & REI have teamed up to launch this unique campaign called ‘The Free Solar For Schools Project’ to help install solar PV on school rooftops across the UK, Ireland and Wales.

Each and Every school in the UK, Ireland and Wales has the potential to generate its own renewable energy, and considering the amount of space available, solar PV is amongst if not the most suitable of choices. Working closely with the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA), The Free Solar For Schools Project aims to help some of the 23,000 schools across the UK to reduce or eliminate their electricity bills. The Free Solar For Schools Project offers schools solar PV choices. Allowing them the opportunity to reduce electricity bills and play a key role within their community in reducing carbon, regardless of their budgets.

We offer Free Solar PV as part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Partly funded solar PV and a solar installation schools can fully invest in. We accurately forecast each schools energy and carbon savings over 35 years allowing schools to make a more informed decision. that enable installations to take place with no upfront cost to the school or local authority eliminating the need to borrow money, The Free Solar For Schools Project helps schools install a solar rooftop from an accredited and approved installer and to start saving money immediately.

Amber Rudd MP, Minister for Energy & Climate Change commented:

“Solar can not only help schools to take control of their energy bills but is also a wonderful way of engaging pupils, teachers and parents around helping the environment too.
“Earlier this year, my Department announced a new initiative to encourage England a

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