London, United Kingdom.

We Give UK Companies & Businesses 3 Different Opportunities To Install Solar PV Including 100% Free Solar...

With electricity costs constantly rising, Solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses. The Free Solar For Business Project have helped companies across the country gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we can to do the same for you.

Our company and members have over 30 years combined experience in offering energy saving and renewable energy initiatives. So you can be assured that your roofs and buildings are in safe hands.

The Free Solar for Business Project forms part of the Amerden Environmental group of initiatives and brands. The Free Solar for Business Project provides businesses the opportunity to install and benefit from a bespoke solar PV system regardless of their budgets. The Free Solar for Business Project shows every business the savings and carbon reduction benefits for a Free Solar, Partly Funded Solar Or Fully Funded Solar PV System over a 35 year period, allowing each business to choose an option that suits them and their budgets.

Electricity prices are guaranteed to increase year on year and expected by many to double over the next decade, we are able to protect your business against rising bills which in turn helps maintain your competitive edge over others exposed to rising energy prices.

Installing a Solar PV system whether it's a Self Funded or Free Solar Pv System it will allow you to:

 Save on running costs and protect your business against future price

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