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Reduce your Schools energybills by up to 60%

TheDepartment for Education is working closely with The Department of Energyand Climate (DECC) on ways to improve energy efficiency across the22,000 schools in England, to reduce their annual energy expenditure of £500million. The initiative know as Power To The Pupils willencourage the deployment of Solar PV on school roof tops to promote energyefficiency.

To support the Department for Education’s energy initiative, DECC willprovide clear, straightforward guidance for schools on how to install solar PV. This willoutline the benefits and provide advice on: how to get started, raise funding,and a check list of key considerations.

The Free Solar for Schools Project are Supporting The DECC with their Power To The Pupilsinitiative for schools throughout the UK by offering Free Solar Panels ForSchools in England by offering an opportunity to install 100% FREE Solar PV.There is no capital outlay and no hidden costs to your school.

With theFree Solar for Schools Projectwe tailor theSolar PV Systemto your school and unlike manysimilar initiatives we ensure that yourSolar PV Systemis big enough to handle yourschools energy consumption so that a significant energy saving is gained by theschool.

YourFREE SOLAR PANELS FORSCHOOLSSolar PV system, onceinstalled is fully serviced and maintained for FREE for a full 20 years toensure your system continues to operate at its optimum efficiency.Solar PV

Solar panelelectricity systems, also known as solar photovoltaic's (PV), capture the sun'senergy using photovoltaic cells. These cells don't need direct sunlight to work– they can still generate some electricity on a clou

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