London, United Kingdom.

Schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are being offered a unique opportunity to install solar panels for Free.

The initiative Free Solar For Schools is to be launched on January 2nd 2015, giving each school the potential to generate renewable energy and reduce their carbon emissions.

Installing Free Solar PV systems in schools not only brings financial and environmental benefits, but also creates an opportunity for students to develop and enhance their knowledge of solar energy.

The panels will make thousands of pounds every year for the school in saving – meaning more to spend on education, playgrounds, libraries and trips etc.

“Solar panels are a win-win for schools and the environment – not to mention the kids. As well as slashing electricity bills, they’re a great example of clean energy in action and tackling climate change.

There is no capital outlay and no hidden costs to your school.

With the Free Solar for Schools Project we tailor the Solar PV system to your school and unlike many similar initiatives we ensure that your Solar PV system is big enough to handle your schools energy consumption so that a significant energy saving is gained by you.

Your Free Solar PV system, once installed is fully serviced and maintained for FREE for a full 20 years to ensure your system continues to operate at its optimum efficiency.

If you are considering Solar PV for your school and would like a no-obligation free proposal showing you the energy savings you will make for the next 35 years and how your system will look on your school when installed, then please give us a call today on 08444 877822.

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