Free Solar for Your School

Benefiting from Solar PV is now even easier. With our 3 Solar Funding Options!

Our aim at The Free Solar For Schools Project is to give all schools the opportunity to benefit from Solar energy regardless of their budgets. We know that not all schools are privileged enough to have the budgets to afford purchasing a solar PV system themselves. That's why we offer three great ways to take advantage of Solar electricity depending on the budgets your school has available. We can save schools between £50,000 - £2Million in energy savings.

See our Solar PV options below for more information.

100% Free Solar
Suitable for schools with little or no budgets. Reduce your energy bills and significantly lower your schools Carbon Footprint. There is no cost for our PV system and all servicing and maintenance is provided free of charge.Click for details

Combined Option
We agree the total price of the energy consumption you use from the solar PV system for 20 years and your school pays for it upfront. On average you save between 40%-80% more than the you would with our FREE option. Click for details

Invest In Solar
Receive the maximum returns, including Feed in Tariff & Export Tariff payments. You have the option to spread the cost over 5-6 Years. Click to see how a school in Oxfordshire only needs to pay £165 a year for a 50kWp Solar system. Click for details

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