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Free Solar For Business Project

The Free Solar ForBusiness Project is an initiative to provide Free Solar PV systems to the UK business sector. Many businesseshave the potential to generate their own renewableenergy, with the considerable amount of free roof space available, making Solar PV among the most suitableoptions.

Installing FreeCommercial Solar PV or FullyFunded Solar PV can bring great financial benefits.

The Free Solar ForBusiness Project is able to offer commercial buildings across the UK theopportunity to benefit from freesolar PV systems , which will aid businesses with reducing their energybills. In turn the free solar forcommercial buildings will allow businesses to spend more money to grow,as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

The Free Solar ForBusiness Project offers a range of innovative financial solutions,including a Self Funded Solar PVsystemand a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)with no upfront costs to your business, thus removing the need to borrow money.

The Free Solar ForBusiness Project aids businesses to install a Solar PV rooftop from accredited and BPVA approvedinstallers and to start saving money immediately.

Installing a solar PV system will allow you to:

§ Save on running costs and protect your businessagainst future price rises

§ Benefit from inflation-linked returns of up to 11%,guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years

§ Lower carbon emissions and demonstrate your greencredentials to customers, suppliers and industry

§ Use roof space on storage or production facilitiesto generate a second income stream

§ Gain an extra competitive advantage in a tougheconomic climate

Your business now has the opportunity to install andbenefit from a solar PV systemregardless of their budgets. We show every business the savings and carbonreduction benefits for a Free, partly funded or fully funded solar PV system over a 35 year period,allowing each business to choose an option that suits them and their budgets.

See the How does it work page for full details on our Free Solar PV opportunity and the otheroptions available to you should you wish to invest in part or all of your solarPV system.

See our Website for further information at: www.freesolarforbusiness.comOrfeel free to contact us on 08444 877822