Jason Reif

As an avid fly angler who has studied these streams, Jason Reif decided that these streams were an excellent metaphor for his vision for media production. His goal since the inception of Freestone Media has been to combine multiple forms of creativity to serve multiple needs in one place.It started with music. From a young age Jason had an ear to make music sound great. He never was much of a "from scratch" songwriter, but through some classical training, time with rock bands and church worship teams he learned how to critically listen and fix what was missing in multiple forms of music.After his time performing in high school and college, he soon made a hobby of recording music, the place in music where on the most critical and perfectionist ears prevail. This is where he found that he had the drive to succeed in such challenging roles. Jason’s time working in church ministry quickly gave him the opportunity to take these same critical skills and apply them to video production and design. Since then, his time in business helped solidify his understanding of marketing, and wanting to work on his own, he created Freestone Media.